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Hi there Prelover!

Do you have items that you would like to sell? 

Check out our easy selling process below. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Complete our Seller's form
    Here we will ask for details about your outfit (size, condition, pictures etc.) and provide you with a valuation for your item to list on Circular Threads. We will list your item within 2 working days if your item fits our criteria and you agree to the valuation.
    Selling accessories? Tap here: Sell your accessories  
    Optional: If you are unsure if your outfit fits the criteria, email us with a few pictures of your outfit and we will let you know! 

  2. We will  send you a valuation for your listing, and if you accept we will list your item for free
    Your item will be listed on our platform, and we will manage the entire selling process.

  3. Your item is SOLD!
    Once your item is SOLD, you have 5 days to send it over to a Circular Threads Studio. 

  4. You get paid!
    Once the buyer has provided confirmation that they are happy with the item, we will notify you. Funds will then be transferred to your account of choice within 28 days, depending on your bank (less 25% commission and collection fees, minimum £25 commission)

If you have any questions about this process, drop us a message on our live chat!

Before you complete the seller's form, please ensure you read and accept our Selling Terms and Conditions: Section 5A 

Additional terms and conditions: 

South Asian attire that qualifies for sale exclusively on Circular Threads:

  • New or as good as new outfits 
  • Outfits that do not have any defects 
  • Good quality images on plain backgrounds (ironed outfits sell much better!)
  • Outfits that have been dry-cleaned 
  • Outfits that are less than 3 years old (unless designer pieces)

All outfits listed must be exclusive to Circular Threads to ensure a timely delivery process for our buyers.

In the case that your item does not qualify for resale, you will be notified within 2 working days of completing the Seller’s form. 

All items must be dry-cleaned before they are listed to avoid delays and disappointment from our buyers. Items that are visibly unclean, and not appropriate for sale will be returned back to the seller at the cost of the seller, the transaction will be cancelled, and a £20 service charge will be applied.

You will have 5 working days to get the item ready to be shipped after you are notified of the sale. If you miss this timeframe, the order will be automatically cancelled. Please ensure you package the item up well to prevent any delivery damages, as these will not be covered. 

Once the buyer receives the item, they have 48 hours to let us know if:

  • They receive the wrong item / the item is not as described on the website
  • The item never arrives

Funds will be transferred to the Seller’s account after this period, and will take up to 28 days to appear in the account. 

If you have any questions at all about the selling process, drop us a note using the form or contact information below.

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