Seller and Buyer FAQs


Seller FAQs

How do I sell with Circular Threads? 

At Circular Threads, we want to make the selling process as easy and seamless as possible. Check out our ‘Sell with us’ page for a simple step by step guide through the selling process.

To get started on your Preloved journey, all you need to do is email us with subject: #Continuethethread

How do I list my item? 

Listing on Circular Threads is completely free! We will request specific information about your outfit to give it the best shot to reshine in someone else’s wardrobe. We will use the information you send us to upload your piece directly to our platform.
If you want to edit or change a listing once it’s up, just let us know and we will do that for you right away! Listing an outfit is a quick and easy 5 step process.

We will ask you for:

  1. General Prelover information
  2. Outfit details
  3. Measurements
  4. Photos
  5. Packaging and Payment information

Once you have submitted these details, our team will review the information provided, and come back to you within 2 working days. We may need to contact you if we need any further information that may enhance your listing.

Low and behold Prelover, you have started your journey to become a more conscious fashionista… and cash in on those items! 

Does Circular Threads have any specific criteria for items that can be listed?

We list a curated collection of preloved fashion. That means we handpick items that we feel our customers will love, whilst extending the life of items that would have been thrown away or left unworn. 

Circular Threads will list your item if it fits the criteria below:

  • New or as good as new 
  • Outfits that do not have any defects 
  • Good quality images on plain backgrounds 
  • Outfits that have been dry-cleaned 

What is the VIPrelover service?

We offer a premium service where you can hand over the entire selling process to us. All you need to do is wait for the money to roll in! For items with an original value of over £1000, we will collect your item, take all the measurements, photos, promote it on our marketing channels and list all the products for you.
Check out our Become a VIPrelover’ page for more information.
This service is currently available in London only.

How should I photograph my outfits? 

Feel free to take pictures/videos on your smartphone and upload it directly to our Seller’s form. But for best results we suggest:

  • Photos of you wearing it! There’s nothing better than seeing exactly how the outfit looks on, and how you have styled it - from Prelover to Prelover...
  • Use a rail or mannequin and drape the outfit as you would when you wear it
  • Hang up the item against a plain wall / background
  • Be sure to shoot in good natural daylight, against a plain wall
  • Ironed outfits sell much better!
  • Refrain from retouching or add filters to your shots
  • Uploading a detailed video of your outfit will allow customers to see the condition of the outfit clearly. Please ensure you are shooting this against a PLAIN/white background
  • The more photos the better, we require a minimum of 5 images* for each listing (see below)

*Required photos: 

  • Full outfit with all pieces together* (in portrait format)
  • Front* 
  • Back*
  • Brand Label*
  • Close-up* (the work / kaam)
  • Blouse (if provided)
  • Bottoms (if provided)
  • Dupatta

How do I price my outfit so it sells?

Each Prelover has a different motive behind reselling their outfits: 

  • Get rid of clutter in their wardrobe
  • Recoup some of the money initially spent 
  • Join the preloved movement and practice more circular behaviours 
  • Share the love of a stunning outfit that you cannot wear again 

Depending on your intention to sell, we can help you set a reasonable price for your item. The more realistic you are with pricing, the more likely you will make the sale! 

It’s not easy to know what price will be successful, but that’s where we come in. Once you place your listing, we can help suggest a reasonable price range for your outfit. You can always price in the delivery cost of sending the item to us too.  

We also allow you to take offers from Customers if you are extra keen to get that sale through the door quickly. 

When pricing your item, consider: 

  • Is the item new or pre-loved?
  • What is the condition of the item?
  • Are there any faults?
  • How old is the item, and is it still in fashion? 
  • You can also research the resale value of your item - in case it’s now on sale on the original website

Do items require dry cleaning before listing?

Yes - all items should be dry cleaned before listing to avoid disappointed buyers.

Can I make an offer for an item? 

If you have 'opted in' for the buyer to make an offer for your item, customers can make an offer for up to 30% below your list price. If you have received an offer for your item, we will contact you directly via email. You will then have 24 hours to reply back to us either accepting or declining the offer. The decision is yours! This is the perfect option if you’re unsure about your resale price.

How do I pack and deliver my item once sold? 

Once your item has been sold and you have been notified of the sale, you have 5 days to deliver the item to a Circular Threads Studio. If you miss this timeframe, your sale will be cancelled and your Seller profile may be restricted in the future.

Before you post your item, please make sure it fully aligns to the description of your listing. The item must be packaged securely to avoid any damages during delivery.

How to deliver your items to our studios: 

  • Use a local or tracked delivery service
    We recommend that sellers post items via "Royal Mail – Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm" service, or similar. You have 5 working days from receiving the email notification to post the item to us.
  • Use our trusted courier service
    We can help you arrange a collection from your location, so you don’t need to take your item to a post office. The collection fee will be deducted from the funds for your sale.
  • Direct drop-off to a Circular Threads studio
    Feel free to drop the outfit directly to one of our studios, and one of the team will be on hand to collect it from you. 

Once you have delivered your item (excluding direct drop-offs), contact Circular Threads at with the subject “Delivery” including the product details, and tracking number. 

IMPORTANT: Note that without a legitimate tracking number, we will not be able to pay you. This is to ensure we can track your parcel. 

When can I expect to receive my funds for the outfit?

We give the buyer 48 hours to let us know if:

  • They receive the wrong item / the item is not as described on the website
  • The item doesn’t arrive

Funds will be transferred to the Seller’s account after this period and will take up to 28 days to appear in the account. 

Do you have a quality control policy? 

At our studio, we will review the item to ensure it is as it is described online. If the item complies with the overall description and cleanliness but its quality is different to what was stated in the Outfit Listing, the original sale may be cancelled. 

We will contact the buyer and seller independently to negotiate a new sale, with a revised price that reflects the actual product quality, at the seller’s discretion. If either party does not wish to continue with the sale, the item will be sent back to the seller at their cost. 

Do you charge to list items on Circular Threads?

It is completely free to list your item on Circular Threads. If your item hasn’t sold within 60 days, we may advise you to make slight changes to your item description, take new photos or lower the price. 

My outfit has sold - how much will I receive? 

On the sale of an item, Circular Threads charges 25% of an item's sale price. This means you'll earn 75% of the sale price of your item, minus applicable shipping collection & service fees.

If you have opted in for the VIPrelover service, Circular Threads takes 35% of the total sale price once the item has been sold. This means you'll earn 65% of the sale price of your item, minus applicable shipping collection & service fee.


Buyer FAQs

I have placed an order, but I have not received a confirmation email. What do I do? 

When you place an order with us, you should receive a confirmation email with details about your order and payment method. Check your junk and deleted emails in your mailbox. If you still cannot find our confirmation email, please do let us know ASAP via the in-store chat, DM or email. 

How can I buy an item? 

  • Scroll through our curated collection of preloved South Asian wear 
  • Select the items you’re looking to relove
  • Buy it now or offer a lower price 
  • Circular Threads will deliver the item to your door 
  • Receive the item ready to #Continuethethread

What happens once I have bought an outfit? 

Once you have bought an outfit, the seller has 5 days to deliver the outfit to us. We will perform our routine quality checks and package up the item, ready for you to relove! You should receive the items within 10-14 working days. Each item specifies delivery times in the product descriptions. 

As a buyer, you have 48 hours to let us know if:

  • You receive the wrong item / the item is not as described on the website (all items go through vigorous checks to ensure this is not the case) 
  • The item doesn’t arrive 

If your item doesn't pass our quality checks, you will either be contacted with the option to buy the item at a lower price, or you will be refunded 100% of your payment.

Check out our ‘Refund Policy’ for more information. 

What are my buying options - bag yourself even more of a bargain! 

Each individual item is priced by our sellers. In order for you to get the best price for your item, we provide an ‘Offer’ feature, where you are able to make an offer upto 30% below the selling price.

You just need to drop us a message in the chat (if your item is eligible for accepting offers) and we will contact the seller with your offer. The seller then has the option to accept or decline the offer. If the offer price is accepted, you will have one day to place the order at the new negotiated price. 

How do I know if the item will fit?

The key to a stunning South Asian outfit is the fit. And don’t worry, we know that! We want to provide you with the assurance that each item has detailed outfit measurements, including information about additional material if you need to enlarge the size. 

Please note, this information is an approximation and will be measured by each seller.

    How do you define the condition of each outfit? 

    • New (with tags)
      The outfit has not been worn before, it has the original label and is in perfect condition.
    • New (without tags)
      The outfit has not been worn before, is missing the original label but is in perfect condition.
    • Excellent Condition
      The outfit has been worn a few times and has kept very well. The outfit is not damaged at all, and has no defects.
    • Good Condition
      The outfit has been worn several times but is well maintained. The outfit may have slight defects as a result of being worn. These will be mentioned in the description.
    • Fair Condition
      The item has been worn frequently and shows defects from wear. The defects will be specified in the description.

      Respecting our Community of Prelovers

      We aren’t just a shop, we are a movement. Circular Threads aims to create a community of fashion forward Prelovers, to support and guide each other through this journey towards conscious consumerism: buying less, spending less, buying preloved and keeping fashion in circulation.

      To ensure our community is effective, and to increase traction, we believe strongly in demonstrating respect to one another. If a buyer and seller are connected – please treat each other respectfully. Circular Threads will not tolerate any inappropriate, or offensive content. Any content on our social media platforms, website or email with indecent or hateful content will be reported and removed.

      Let’s support each other through this change, to really make a difference in our community.