About us

We are sending South Asian fashion round in circles... 

Welcome to Circular Threads. We exist to make preloved clothing your first choice, whatever the occasion. 

As your go-to destination for buying and selling preloved South Asian fashion, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to discover curated fashion (both designer and non-designer) at a fraction of the retail price. We hand-select good condition, fashion forward pieces - to ensure our buyers have access to high quality items.

Buying preloved will help you shop more consciously, find unique, limited edition pieces, and ultimately provide you with better value for money for your South Asian clothing. It also increases the lifespan of the outfits that deserve to be worn more than once!

The end goal? You look good and feel good knowing that you’ve played a part in fuelling the circular economy. 

This isn't just a cultural shift, this is a movement. We are at the start of our journey and we’d love for you to join our global community of Prelovers. By joining the family you can be one of the first to access, experience and benefit from what we are building with you, and for you!