Pop-Up Terms and Conditions

Pop-up Terms and Conditions

  • If your item is suitable for viewing at our pop-up we will send you a form and ask you to drop/post the item by latest 30 October 2023
  • All items submitted must have a sellers form completed prior to drop off
  • All items that are dropped off must be clearly labelled with Name, email and contact number enclosed in the package
  • All items are left with Circular Threads at your own risk 
  • Items will not be insured by Circular Threads for the duration of the time it is in our possession
  • All items must be collected by Sunday 12 November from our Bushey Studio. If your outfit is not collected by this date you may be charged a late collection fee per day
  • All items sold on the day of the pop-up are subject to a 35% commission fee for the standard service, VIP fee remains the same
  • All outfits must be dry-cleaned and in excellent condition before being dropped off
  • Circular Threads reserves the right to reject any items after they have been dropped off. This may be due to damage, unsuitability or cleanliness. If so, you will need to collect the item by Sunday 12 November or a late collection fee will be charged
  • List of suggested designers