What to wear on Baisakhi: Celebrating Sikhism

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What is Baisakhi? 

Baisakhi is celebrated on the 13th / 14th of April every year. It’s when the farmers in the northern part of India have harvested the season's crops and are gearing up for the next season's sowing. It is not just a Spring-time harvest festival but also a day that commemorates the formation of Sikhism as it is today under Guru Gobind Singh. 

In 1699, during the Baisakhi celebrations, the tenth guru,  Guru Gobind Singh asked if anyone in the village was prepared to give their life for their religion. Five men stepped forward and walked into a tent to ‘sacrifice’ their life. Everyone was worried that all the men had died but in fact they came out of the tent alive and wearing turbans and were then known as the ‘Beloved Five’ or ‘Panj Pyare’. Guru Gobind Singh then baptised these men into the ‘Khalsa’ (a special group of initiated Sikhs).

How is it celebrated? 

No matter how or why you celebrate Baisakhi, one thing is for certain, it is celebrated in true Punjabi style - with lots of food, colour, music and dance! 

What to wear on Baisakhi? 

Go for bright colours! As the festival celebrates the harvest - think mustard yellows, bright red and vibrant greens. We've done your shopping for you... here are some of our top picks if you haven’t got your outfit yet: 

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 Celebrate in preloved style - and tag us when you do! 

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