How to increase sales on Circular Threads

So, you've taken the time to organise what you want to sell, measure your outfits, get them dry-cleaned, and listed on Circular Threads. 

And now wait…

…No interest? 


Here are some top tips to get your pieces on everyone's wish list. These tips are soundbites from our sellers who have made over £500 from selling with us..!


When describing your outfit on the Seller’s form, start with a headline and include keywords that best describe your outfit. Make sure you include as much information as possible so your buyer is confident that they will walk away with an amazing piece that will fit and suit them. It is so important to share any damages large or minor on your listing. This is to make sure the buyer knows what they’re getting, and will avoid any added fees during the quality review process. Remember, if the item is not clean or has additional damages, these will be picked up during the review process and your order is at risk of being cancelled. You may think that it's best to omit any faults but it only gives your piece more character! 


Check your photos and videos!!  Make sure you get the lighting spot on to capture your outfit’s true colour. You may need to hang/drape your outfits to show the entire piece as the main cover photo, and the shape of the outfit. Remember to also take close ups of the gorgeous embroidery or embellishments…you've got to flaunt what you’ve got! Most importantly, don’t forget to get into your outfits and take those selfies so that potential customers can see what it looks like worn. And If you have a high ticket item or a designer piece, include a picture of the label. Think about what you would look for and expect when buying an outfit for that price and strive for just that. 
If your photography is social media ready, it may also feature on our social media page to target a whole new bunch of customers


To list on Circular Threads, your item will be given a valuation. This will give you an idea on what buyers are willing to pay. Want to keep your stock moving? Tell buyers you’re willing to take offers for your item or offer a discount. 


Once your link is live on our website, share your items for sale on social media, post it on your Instagram stories and WhatsApp the links to your friends. The more people that know about your outfits, the more visits your listings will get, and it doesn’t stop here! If you reshare your listing on a monthly basis, it reminds your network that your beautiful outfits are still available- repetition is key! 

Just like any other job or side hustle, you've got to work for your money honey! It can be daunting at first but once you get into the flow; the process is really fun!  And it’s even more fun when you see that money flooding into your account, and when you see the next Prelover wearing it!